Idyllwild Engagement

Desiree & Steve’s Romance Session

Idyllwild, CA Engagement Photo’s by Steven Wayne Photography

From the moment we spoke to Desiree & Steve on the phone about their upcoming Wedding, we knew there was something very special about this couple! Creating a three day destination wedding celebrating their marriage, cherishing it with close family and friends, was just the beginning. We were over the top excited when they chose us to be part of their wedding journey and celebrate their love story with them! It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see these two were made for each other, you will see why as the story unfolds!

Their Love Story

Their love story began when Steve was living in Texas working as an Engineer creating advanced rockets and spaceships. How exciting is that! Well even more exciting was how these two just happen to connect, not in space but here on earth! Desiree who was living in Los Angeles at the time was sent on site at the same location just as Steve happened to be stationed in Texas. As they worked side by side with the dreams and goals of advancing our travel to other planets, more than just Rocket Sparks began to develop between them. It didn’t take long for their passion for traveling the galaxies to create their own ‘love star’! Soon after they began dating Steve relocated to Los Angeles to move their relationship forward to engagement and marriage!

We think you will enjoy a few of these images that just begin to tell their love story!

For more of Desiree & Steve’s romance session be sure to watch their slideshow preview below:


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