about us

~ steven wayne & sherry ann ~

The first thing you’ll need to know about us is that we’re still crazy-in-love after all these years! Nothing has changed since the moment God put Steven miraculously in my path and told me he was the one…no wonder he asked me to marry him just two weeks after we met. 


when it comes to us

  • we’re each other’s bff’s
  • special-time is a part of everyday together
  • snuggling is a must before each day begins
  • daily tea together is a must have
  • holding hands is automatic
  • having our own secret morris-code is just plain fun
  • we never call each other by our real names, it just sounds funny



When we‘re not photographing, editing, designing or hanging out with clients, you will likely find us somewhere enjoying the outdoors. We love exploring, hiking, spending time in the mountains and every trip always includes stopping along the way to enjoy a good cup of tea together!

Steven, my handsome dear athletic husband, loves tennis, basketball… pretty much anything that involves high energy  and a ball. And can often be found shooting his gun collection or making his own bullets.  I’m the complete non-athlete in the family, and can’t even understand tennis scoring for that matter. I simply love to support my husband; I’m his biggest fan, can you tell?

 When I’m not cheering him on from the sidelines, I love to spend time attempting to master my green thumb or creating new (and often out of the ordinary) recipes.  I am often accused of using too many exclamation marks and get very excited about most things, especially anything sappy!!! Yep, I’m the one who cries during commercials!



Steven was on his way to becoming a golf pro when his original dream of being a photographer was reignited. In pursuing his passion he was blessed to be taught by a world famous wedding photographer. He was simply captivated by the art of wedding photography! As he grew in his profession Steven soooooooo wanted his own bride to join him. I  was off pursuing my own career in Architecture and Construction Management when he begged me to join him so we could work alongside one another. Clearly, I said yes!

Once our clients started raving about their experience with us, it didn’t take long to realize that God had given us a gift, a gift we needed to share with others. It really felt like God dropped  ‘love in our hearts’ for each couple. It’s unique, special for each one, it’s unexplainable and we love it!!!



We love sharing in the excitement and joy of each couple’s marriage journey. We adore it when our brides call us to share that they found their perfect wedding dress. We love being a resource (and trusted friend) to our brides when they’re feeling a tad overwhelmed with wedding planning and want to just chat with someone who understands. For us, this is more than just photography; it’s a passion for relationships.


We’re blessed to be doing what we love, working together with couples who are crazy-in-love too!







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