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Happy Valentines day!!!!

We are excited to share be able to share our love story for CNN report’s valentines day!!! We hope it is selected as the best love story, there were lots to choose from! They were focus tin on couples and how they met! We thought we had a unique love story to tell and thought you might enjoy it too!  Be sure to check it out and leave your comments!!!



Our Love Story – Steven Wayne & Sherry Ann

Our story began back in 1989, when a girlfriend had noticed this great resort pre-selling tickets for a year in advance for a new hotel in Reno, Nevada.

A week before we were set to go, my friend received the tickets in the mail….oh no, we were booked into the WRONG HOTEL…how could that be? After many telephone conversations and not much luck, there we were, booked into the wrong hotel.

Thankfully once we arrived at our ‘new’ location, we quickly discovered this ‘wrong hotel’ had just built a $20 million pool addition and a state-of-the-art gym – how fabulous!

Our first day was set; my friend and I would check out the gym, get the lay of the hotel, then head to breakfast. As we arrived at the gym, it didn’t take long to realize this new-fangled machinery was way over our heads. My friend suggested that I ask for the help of the pool attendant.

The pool attendant happened to be Steven, who worked at the wrong hotel and had injured himself that same week and was transferred to light duty, “the pool”.

I will never forget the moment that he came around the corner to help us. He smiled at me, the most radiant smile, and I remember God speaking to my heart at the same time “This man is going to love you like you have never been loved before, this man is going to be kind to you, this man is going to be gentle….” I remember this knowing feeling in my heart that he was going to be my husband. I had a gentle, knowing feeling.

As my friend and I left for breakfast, I remember telling her, “He is going to be my husband.” I remember asking her what he looked like, as I couldn’t recall. I could only recall the words spoken to my heart and that smile.

After we got our day sorted out, I returned to the pool area. I brought my book and headed out to the furthest patio deck from where “he” worked, thinking I should at least play a little hard to get.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend devised a plan, “If she was going to marry him, he best he at least know her name”, she thought, so she called the pool attendant’s desk asking to speak to me. “Good, now he at least knows your name!” she thought.

The next morning I realized that since we were only there for four nights and five days, if Steve and I were to get married, I best speed things up; no more playing hard to get. I moved to the sunning deck closest to his desk. He spent the day coming out to “check on the guests” in what seemed like every half hour; it was adorable.

After finishing his shift, he came to announce that he was off now….after which I experienced a Whoopie Goldberg experience much like in Ghost: someone took over and I said “I am not sure what we are doing later but it would be nice if you joined us”, and he accepted and took my room number. After he departed, I was dumbfounded I couldn’t believe I had just said that! What was I thinking? If he calls I will just blow him off. Besides who wants a long distance relationship? Yes, that was my plan.

To my surprise, there he was waiting in the lobby for me. My heart skipped a beat. What was he doing here? We agreed to meet up in an hour so I could refresh.

We spent the rest of our time together enjoying the moments and the attraction. Well, it was quite clear in a few days he was stealing my heart and I was falling for him. He knew my love language and I was tumbling fast.

Thankfully, my friend misread our plane flight times and we missed our flight. We were struggling to say good-bye, really struggling. It was inevitable, I had to go home. Of course the hit song “Nothing Compares 2 You” kept coming on the radio.

It didn’t take long for the phone to start ringing. Soon we were on daily calls. As the calls got longer our conversation became more serious right from the start.

Two weeks later he had arranged for me to fly back down. I knew the question was coming. “Will you marry me?” I was crazy about him; he made me feel like I had never felt before. Secure, safe, loved. And of course, I said “YES”!

That was 25 years ago and today we work together as a husband and wife photography team, photographing amazing weddings and sharing in other’s “love stories”!


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5 Places to get married in Palm Springs, CA & Valley Area

January 20th 2015

Recently engaged and wondering where to get married? We’ve got the blog to get you started!

As Palm Desert Photographers we have the opportunity to work in some amazing venues and to met a lot of wonderful wedding professionals.

With lots of  Wedding Venue options in the Palm Springs Area it could be hard to find a good starting place, so we’ve come with 5 that will get you off to a great start!

#5. La Quinta Spa and Resort, La Quinta, CA 

We love photographing weddings at this amazing resort. What a beautiful outdoor venue! It’s so romantic and everywhere you turn you see a fabulous backdrop and wonderful locations to not only have your wedding ceremony but a stunning collection of images too!!!

For more images from this great resort enjoy this slideshow of Shannon & Erik’s beautiful La Quinta Resort and Spa wedding: Shannon & Erik’s forever


#4. Miramonte Resort and Spa, Indian Wells, Ca

We crazy love the charming and romantic architecture at the Miramonte Resort and Spa!  It is the perfect place for a small to large size weddings.  The Miramonte Resort and Spa has several location for different size weddings and well as several ballrooms for your wedding reception.

For more images from this charming resort, enjoy this collection from Araceli and Julio’s Wedding: Araceli and Julio’s Forever…


#3. Classic Club, Palm Desert, CA

We have to take  a minute to brag about this awesome venue, with a style like no other in the desert, Classic Club boast a fabulous Wedding Venue! You can reserve the whole club and have an exclusive wedding with views that are unmatched!  With both indoor and outdoor areas to get married; you can enjoy your wedding any time of the year!!

To view more from this venue enjoy one of our wedding slideshow presentations: Jessy & Jay’s Classic Club, Palm Desert Wedding


#2. La Quinta Country Club, La Quinta, CA 

What an outstanding venue for a dream wedding and a virtually outside reception venue. When you first pull up you are greeted with a beautiful drive and picturesque view!!  We love this elegant architecture and neutral color tones to paint any wedding vision you may have!! This Club boast a virtually outdoor reception room, with one entire wall open to the outdoor and patio you can enjoy the view and let the beautiful desert air in!!  Close to the stunning La Quinta mountains, it is such a gorgeous background for photos! You’re surrounded by open land for outstanding photos.

To enjoy more images from this stunning venue view Kimmy and Andrew’s purple gorgeous Wedding from La Quinta Country Club, La Quinta, CA. Kimmy and Andrew Forever


#1. Indian Wells Country Club, Indian Wells, CA

Is a popular spot for Weddings in the valley, the Club is private so you are able to enjoy the whole club to yourselves during your reception!  With such a wonderful and helpful staff any guest is taken care of with great courtesy. The ball room upstairs is wonderful and can seat a large number of quests with a stage perfect for a band.  They have a great location in front of the waterfall for weddings sites and you are right up against the mountains. You can even have your names displayed on the mountain in lights during your reception.

To enjoy more images from this great location be sure to check out this beautiful wedding,


We hope this list helps get you off on the right track to pick your outdoor wedding venue. Each place has its own specail appeal! We are so happy to have the opportunity to work at these venues and can’t wait to go back again!

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us direct 760.466.7598!

Steven & Sherry Ann

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Araceli and Julio’s forever…

Miramonte Resort & Spa Wedding

Elegance, poise, beauty and romance are a few of the words that come to mind when we think of these two beautiful people!  Being part of Araceli and Julio’s wedding journey was such joy each step of the way delicate and tender and precious! We especially love it because they are crazy about photographs and well…so are we! We had a wonderful time sculpting their vision and capturing the precious moments along the way!

Araceli and Julio chose the beautiful Miramonte Resort and Spa as their back drop for their November Wedding, it’s one of our favorites as it’s sooooo romantic!!! The Architecture screams to be photographed,  the arches and design elements just add to every gorgeous to ever image. Of course Araceli is beautiful in her own right. The amazing team  of Tanya and Vea at JRussel the Salon created a timeless look, so easy to photograph and images we know she will enjoy forever!! Her one of a kind wedding dress had a delicate simply stunning lace – button up jacket, Araceli chose to add for the ceremony combining her long flowing veil together made magic. Julio’s look was simply impeccable, his Louis Vuitton’s shoes were outstanding. Capturing all the important hand selected details was so much fun to photograph, right down to the custom earrings Julio had designed for Araceli to wear on their special day, how sweet is that?

This adorable Miramonte Spa and Resorts wedding’s beauty was designed by none other than Luna from Arrangements Floral and Design and what a better way to orchestrate your perfect day than with Michelle from the fabulous Chic Productions! What a team!











miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0600 miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0618 miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0610 miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0601

miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0623 miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0620 miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0616





miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0612 miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0613

miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0603 miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0625


miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0617 miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0621 miramonte-resort-spa-wedding-stevenwaynephotography_0606



To enjoy more of Araceli & Julio’s forever story be sure to click on their slideshow below….


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drue & morris forever…

 La Quinta Resort and Spa Wedding

From the moment we met Drue and Morris, we found their love simply contagious! Drue had told us over the phone the story of how they planned to get married at the beautiful La Quinta Resort & Spa and wanted to search for her own photographer….serendipity strikes again. They found us!

Drue is a true romantic and beyond adorable bride when she shared her thoughts of her prefect wedding and her perfect man, Morris!! Their love story began with an old camp friend back when Morris was younger, they remained friends as they grew up. His old friend Matt had a cousin he thought just ‘might be perfect for him’, through a string of events their meeting was delayed for years. However, once they met, they new it was forever!!! It was story for us to capture and tell through our images!

Drue had a vision for her wedding dress and  had it hand made for her, it was beyond stunning, simple and elegant, just like she is! Their day was tender and intimate and love abound!


We think you will enjoy a few of these highlights of their day, be sure to view the slideshow presentation below…



Enjoy more of their wedding day story….

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